Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Writing: Alphabet

"Alright, you're ready?"
"Been ready since 10 minutes ago"
"Come on, let's just go" he sighed and walked out the door.
"Doesn't the sky looked strange?" she asked.
"Energetic maybe? Too bright of an orange, crazy neon purple?"
"Funny you said that, i thought it was quite melancholic."
"Going to be over soon"
"I said, the sunset is going to be over soon. We better walk faster," the couple walked on in silence.

"Jump over that fence and the rest you know it," he said.
"know it by heart"
"Let me know if there's anyone following us."
"Make sure you keep things quite."
"No problem," they parted.

"Ok, i'm in" she whispered to her phone.
"Pull open the gate for me"
"Quietly.." she motioned to him as she pushed in some buttons on the panel in front of her. Then from the corner of her eye she saw two headlights coming through the road by the woods.
"Run!" she whispered.
"Shut the gate. Meet me there," he whispered for the last time to the phone, before running past her.
"Take this," she threw him a knife. He ran towards the building, and break open the alarm system.
"Urinate on it"
"Very smart. Then risk everything we planned?" he cut a line and punch a series of codes.
"You've got one minute before the cars arrive."
"Xylene. you got it?" he looked up. she handed him the poison.
"Your shot. Make it out alive, will ya?" she pat his shoulder and quickly disappear.
"Zen..." he muttered to himself and went for the kill.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Have you ever wish that you've never head that one tid bit about that cute guy you used to like? Because for me, everytime i think about travelling around the world, i think about you. Now that i am working on a travel-destination project at work, you are the guy who's always on my mind. I was supposed to be grouping styles of photographs of travel sites, and now i am constantly checking facebook to see when  you will like my status update. Did i just make myself sound like a teenager again? Twenty-something and still unable to face a long time crush. I am pathetic.