Friday, November 22, 2013


Here's a little secret for you. I've never fallen for a girl before. Not for one with long dark hair, or for one with skin that glows like silver, not for a sweet sneeze, or one with a mischievous grin. I've never fallen for a girl.

Who would strike my fancy? Who would sneak into my mind, creep into my thoughts. Whose name would be heard in my sleep, or whispered through the chords of my guitar?

Will she be so daring she'll be the one to hold my hand? Or will she be timid, I'll snuggle her into my jacket as she hugs me, cringing through a coaster ride?

Will her eyes makes me flutter, or will a brush of her fingers tie thousands of knots in my stomach?

Will she be a woman of truth, one who speaks with wisdom? Or in panic will she curse like a sailor?

I must say I'm a hopeless romantic. Dazing off to a land of make believe, wishing for a feeling I have yet to truly experience. How will I know when I see her? How will she know when our eyes meet?

One thing I know, one thing I will do. She'll be the only island I want to chart, the only island I want to explore, the only island I want to live in.