Why Rambles?

Mostly because i have not written any work of fiction since years ago. I eluded myself with the thoughts of becoming a writer once. So much so that i actually wrote a few chapters of a teenage love story in Junior High School. But of course, like the many things that i started, i didn't finish it. Now i saw the pile of script as trash. I might, however, seek for it once i'm back in Indonesia - whenever that is. I wanted to read how much i had progressed, or sadder yet, how much i've lost my touch of writing in bahasa.

But this blog, was going to be a blog of short, inconsequential stories that has nothing to do with each other. or they may. i have no idea where this is going. But i know it'll help me become a better writer.. somehow. i promise myself, i'll go to the library tomorrow and will borrow some books to read. i have to catch up with my literate self. i haven't said hi to her in decades!