Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Missed You

It has been 2 years, 9 months, and 14 days since i last saw your face. In the land where the sun will always come on cue, 6 am and 6 pm never fails.

Presumably the damp air of my rain city had took over, and toned me down, you say. "Your hair isn't doing that lion mane look," you spoke to the camera, half way across the world. I shushed you and confessed that you did not look like a 16 year old anymore. Confidently you touched your short beard and wag them furiously at me. You sniggered and i yawned. "It's twelve already, you should go to bed, Princess."

You always called me Princess for no apparent reason. Sometimes it's that, some other times, you called me Pine Tree. The reason behind the second is similar to the former. I was never the tallest kid in class, so i couldn't blame others' growth sprout in high school to blame for my height, and i did not smell like pine trees or the fresh mountain air, so the name wouldn't suit me anyway. I asked you once before, why you gave me that nick name. But you just smiled like the secret wouldn't be fun when shared to the subject of the secret. "well, duh" you would reply, rolling your eyes with the look i think would be the most disdainful - coming from an already weird-out face.

"You're not going to your next class, mister?" i asked. You were sitting down on the floor of your campus, looking like a beggar. "We still got 15 minutes," you said as if i was going to attend the same class. "Hey, where's all the cute girls in campus? I haven't seen any of them."

I remember growing up, you were always pretending to be the big guy, the man. One day, in a school tour, we played house and you made the cutest chipmunk voice that i would never forget. It was flattering to me that you did that to keep the playtime going.

"Dude, out of all the questions you could ask me.." you turned your laptop towards a hall, all i could see was silhouettes passing. Then a girl came closer towards where you were sitting, sat beside you, and you rolled back the laptop so i could see the two. "Hi, kak," the girl bowed her head a little bit, she made it sounds like she knew who i was. Dang, i'm in my pjs and my hair is all over the place. Is this how i'm going to meet your girlfriend? She's looking all cute and well dressed, and i'm drowsy and snotty from the cold. I put on a quick grin and tuned into the nicest future sister-in-law she could ever met.